There are diverse reasons as to why employment lawyers continue to offer their services to people. The employment industry is radical and human rights are not adhered to every day. From unfair wages, discrimination and even illegal termination of contracts, you name it! The services of employment lawyers is on the rise and its better to let you know in which way your employers may be violating your rights as a worker so you can instill full justice. There exists diverse cases of employment law violations and is thus important for one to fully understand such cases. There are diverse reasons as to why one may require an employment lawyer ranging from:


It is the most common type of employment law violation. Various federal governments prohibit the unfair discrimination on diverse basis ranging from:

– Sex
– Natural origin
– Age
– Genetic formation
– Disability

In situations where one is being subjected to any of the above-mentioned cases, then it is logical; for them to approach employment lawyers and evaluate the various options that they have. Is also considered illegal for the latter companies to retaliate against those who have filed court case against them. Those who feel discriminated in any way are highly advised to seek help from their lawyer to end such a menace in the work force.

Severance negotiation

Employment lawyers’ services are also widely requested by those who their severance pay contract has been breached. Although the law does not have provisions for severance payment towards employees, their contracts usually contain these stipulations, which then have to be met in case they are dismissed. With the help of employment lawyers, one can be assisted by the lawyer to read the terms of the contract and assist one obtains the severance pay that they are entitled to. The severance pay is usually used to caution companies and other labor oriented firm s and multi national against unfair and impromptu dismissal of their labor force.

Overtime violations

This is very common in those companies with casuals and workers on contracts. The amount of time that they dedicated to the affairs of their jobs and that which is beyond the normal and agreed work time must be paid for according to the law. Remuneration on any overtime is variant and depends on location. It may thus be a daunting task for one to sue a company without proper knowledge of the provisions under such cases. Through trained employment lawyers, one can be able to press charges against firm with such practices. The lawyer will help one understand their rights and what they are supposed to be made for such work done.

Job termination

Many people have been unlawfully dismissed from their job posts without adequate reasons. The presence and services of employment lawyers are supposed to help such people achieve justice. Although most states have adopted such principle as the “will” policy where employers have the right to fire and hire individuals at any particular moment without adequate reasons, and the employee has the right to terminate their services as they please, there are specific regulations to this policy, which needs the services of a lawyer. This may be applicable when an individual was or had been discriminated against before leaving the job or even in those situations where there was a breach of contact prior to the individual leaving their job post. In such case, speaking to employment lawyers may be helpful.

There are diverse reasons as to why one may need employment lawyers and their services are very important. More so, most of them offer free consultations on discussions on the viability of one’s case.